Manufactures & Retailers

Manufactures & Retailers

Lead Management

Create, Capture and Manage leads from different sources. Follow them with auto reminders and task reminders.
Close the deal faster.

Customer Management

Manage the customer’s history with real time insights and one click export feature. Never miss a single data of your customer. Welcome them with your CRM.

Employee Management

Create and Manage your employees with different level of persmissions and access. Track their timesheets and key performance indicators.

Inventory Management

Manage all your products and its stock with ease. Track every addition and despatch of stock from your warehouse and automate the process.

Vendor Management

Manage your vendors, purchase orders, purchase invoice and their statements. Have a easy track on the pending payments and reciepts to be closed

Sales Management

Manage your quotations, estimates and invoices with auto reminders, auto tracking and hassle free finance management. Focus on revenue by the right sale management tool

Performance Management

Measure the key performance of your employees based on lead conversion, sales, task completion and revenue generation. Have an eagle eye on your sales team

Order Management

Manage your orders and materials to be delivered. Get auto reminders for pending orders and materials. Get your customers satisfaction by on time delivery

Support Management

Let your customers raise grievences and complaints from their login and track the status of thier ticket. Receive the ticket and assign it to your employees, close it on time

Assign Orders

For every order or delivery assign a sales team member and get him notified instantly. Recurring auto reminders until the job is done. How easy it is to remind your sales team?

AMC Management

Generate AMC contracts and reminders for regular service for your customers. Assign it to your employees and get it notified to them regarding the service job

Expense Management

Manage your expenses category wise and have a real time insight of all expenses ion various categories with graphical user interface. Track Income vs Expenses ratio

Report Management

Get reports on customers by group, sales by employees, income based on products, lead conversions, quotations, invoices and many more with a single click

Auto Updates

EezyCRM provides auto updates for your customers regarding delivery of orders, materials, payments, tickets and other related activities. Update your customers instantly

Customer Interface

Provide an interface for your customers. Let them track their projects and tasks from their portal. Never let them wait for their files. Just login and let them access what they want

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